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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
Welcome to Dr. Forciea's A&P Support Site
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Welcome to Dr. Forciea's Site.

Please visit my new site:  

 Visit My New Site Here


Sorry for the glitches!

I'm presently developing a new site. I can't believe this site is over 10 years old! This is ancient in the web lifecycle. So, I've finally decided to phase this one out, probably over the next 6 months or so.  


Anatomy and Physiology 

You will find a lot of support materials for learning Anatomy and Physiology.  

This site is now open to the public. Feel free to access and download anything you'd like. 

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An Easy Guide to Learning Anatomy and Physiology  




Easy Guide to Learning Anatomy and Physiology



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Dr. Forciea teaches college anatomy and physiology at Moraine Park Technical College. He developed and teaches the fully online accredited General Anatomy and Physiology Course as well as traditional face-face sections of both General and Advanced Anatomy and Physiology.

If you are interested in taking a course you must register at Moraine Park Technical College.

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What I'm up to lately...


July 2015

The X-Cure will be published by Open Books. 


Jan 2015

Just completed the manuscript for my first science fiction novel, The X-Cure.

Here's the blurb:

In an epic tale of romance, greed and betrayal, the brilliant Alex Winter and beautiful Xiu Ling struggle to bring a revolutionary cure for cancer to the world while battling Tando Pharmaceuticals, a global giant with its own secret mercenary army.  


Summer 2014

Have been producing a number of new animated videos for Anatomy and Physiology. You can see these on my YouTube channel or new website.  


Dec. 2013

My new ebook: An Easy Guide to Learning Anatomy and Physiology is now available here:


An Easy Guide to Learning Anatomy and Physiology 


Aug. 2013

Working on developing some online labs using the VH Dissector software for another college as well as continuing to develop online media for learning A&P.  


Virtual Worlds: Best Practices in Education Conference 2011

Once again, I attended the Virtual Worlds conference in Second Life this past week. I learned a lot about how virtual worlds are used in education and have a few ambitious ideas as well. 

Here are some pics from this year's conference: 

Conference Presentation

 Here is a screenshot of one of the unique conference venues. Notice the backchannel chat. 


This next one is from a presentation on using a virtual world simulator (sim) for gaming.



Here is the opening program: 

VWBPE Opening Program


 New for Spring, 2011

The 3D anatomical models are now incorporated into some of the labs for General and Advance A&P. There is a new version of the Big Picture Approach to Learning A&P which is organized according to the General A&P learning plans. You can download this on the Gen A&P pages. Also, more activities are available in the anatomy world 3D simulation. See more information below...

Advanced A&P students will be completing some new VH Dissector labs for their anatomy review.

Lastly, I am excited to be a presenter at the upcomming League for Innovations Conference in San Diego this February. My presentation is entitled "Use of 3D Models in Online Anatomy and Physiology."

New for Fall, 2010

I have been working on a set of 3D anatomical models as part of a faculty development grant. The models are now available on this site by clicking on the 3D Models link in the menu. Each model is interactive in that you can move, rotate and magnify it by using the viewer tools.

Anatomy World is Now Hosted on ReactionGrid

My Anatomy World simulation was moved to a new host over the summer. The move was a bit dicy but everything came out okay. My next project is to figure out a way to import the 3D models into the simulator. They are not fundamentally compatible which is one of the drawbacks to using sims like Second Life and OpenSim. The sim building tools are based on objects called primitives (prims) while most of the 3D authoring software out there creates meshes. I am hoping to incorporate some activities for online students this semester.

You can access Anatomy World by clicking on the menu button.

Pictures from the "Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference" in Second Life held on March 12 and 13, 2010.

I attended a few sessions at the conference and learned some valuable things with regard to using virtual worlds. It was great to see so many people with the same interest in using virual worlds for teaching. Many (and I am one of them) think that this is the future of online learning.

Here are a couple of pics from the conference:

 Nursing presentation

 This was a presentation on using virtual patients for nursing students.

Presentation on Using Second Life in Face-Face Courses 

 Presentation on using Second Life to enhance traditional courses.


 New Instructor Presentation

 An excellent presentation for us newbies on using Second Life for online and traditional courses.


What's New
Coming in 2010.
Anatomy World--A 3D Virtual World for Learning A & P.

One of my projects this year is to produce a set of 3-dimensional digital anatomical models and present them on a website. I orignally thought I would import these models into games as well but found that learning programming language and coding was slow and difficult. I then stumbled upon Second Life, a 3D virtual world that already has the infrastructure for developing a space for presenting 3D structures. Better yet, after more research I found another software platform called OpenSim. OpenSim is much more affordable as a development platform for 3D and contains most of what Second Life has to offer.

I now have a sim (3D simulation) running in OpenSim and am building my "world." I hope to let students in by the end of this semester (Spring 2010) and use the sim for my online courses by next Fall. The more detailed models will be constructed here at MPTC using special software and imported into both a website and the 3D world.

To enter the sim students will need to download and install some free software and create an avatar that is able to move about. The avatars in OpenSim are a bit limited but serve the purpose of exploring a virtual world very well. The avatars then enter the world and can move about, explore and interact with the 3D objects. They can also communicate via text chat or voice chat (if the user has a microphone hooked up to their computer).

Here are some pics of Anatomy World so far:

Anatomy World Beginning

Anatomy World. Beginning with a blank piece of land.


Glucose Molecules

The first things I built were some chemical models of glucose. This actually took a long time!


Anatomy Museum

My first building--an anatomy museum for housing anatomical exhibits.

Anatomical terms

Garden Walk Exhibit on Anatomical Terms

Anatomical Planes

Anatomical Planes Exhibit


Building RNA and DNA Molecules.

Stay tuned.......Much more to come.....

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